What happens when you suck?

You have 3 choices…give up, give in, or give everything your best.

Oh yeah. Get up. That’s the other one. After you throw a tantrum, get up off the floor.

There are times in our lives we will stink in our duties, as a friend, as a mother, father, etc.

So what do we do in the meantime when we aren’t great in those moments?

Well, duh. You pick yourself back up and start again. I have been “let go” 4 times as a writer. Whew. That hurt to say out loud. It is going to happen if you get to a national platform.

The one that hurts the most is when you suck as a mother. Ugh. It happens. We cannot all be soccer moms.

Why does it happen? Why do you suck?

Well, as a writer, your style might not blend with the newbees coming in or you didn’t get enough viral posts. It’s a cutthroat world.

I realize, too, I write from a different generation of law enforcement who try to give a voice to police and elevate the profession. I do not always have that new edgy, punchy style which seems to rile the masses and captivate the haters and lovers of police.

The young generation can incite, whereas, I was trained to calm.

Anyone? Anyone?

Not the “woman” issue.

I’m not all about aggressive in-your-face articles. I could be, but I choose not to be in that genre. Let’s face it, also, it is difficult to get anyone interested in “real issues”. Rhetoric has taken over most of social media, so your spin has to hit a slew of individuals.

The worst part of the writing world? Most LEOs are not encapsulated by women in law enforcement issues, best practices, or real stuff spun with humor.

Especially, the woman thing. How many of you remember my viral posts about Law Enforcement Mom or How Law Enforcement Ruined Me As A Woman. Oy.

It was tongue and cheek humor mixed with truths.

Several women wanted me dead. I know it. I felt it in their ALL CAPS comments and angry emojis. *shudder*

Really, I got a kick out of the haters.

In the beginning when you suck.

My books were terribly written, but were enjoyed by a few fan club members. Sorry, no refunds on your membership fees.

I cannot fire myself, but I can regroup.

In hindsight, I should not have been hasty and just published my punchy journal entries without more edits and flow. But, it was what it was.

It’s all good. They are now talking points. I chuckle in interviews when someone asked me about those books if they happen to Google stalk me before the big panel interrogation.

You just have to own it when you suck or grow out of your position. Take a look at yourself. Change is good. You know when it is time.

Find something new. Or take a break. I’m doing both.

2 thoughts on “What happens when you suck?

  1. Your writing has never been that bad. Different, yes. And there is not a damn thing wrong with that! 🙂 We liked you for your honesty and humor in the way you wrote, so there… 😀


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