Why do people ask for my opinion but really don’t want it?

Shaming strategy

I have a walking target on my back if people know me. Because I was a cop, they always seek me out after mass shootings.

Here they come, with teeth grinding, sparkle in their eye, waiting for a perfect time to spring it on me. “Don’t you think some kind of gun control would be a good idea, even stricter background checks?”

Why? You tell me. Who are stricter background checks going to weed out?

Oh, so you want a mental illness clause.

Ok. So indulge me. Picture this. You go through a tragedy in your life, maybe you lose a loved one or go through a terrible divorce. You go see a therapist, your family doctor, or a shrink and get prescribed medication. In the chart, the doctor writes down “suffering from a terrible loss, very depressed, blah blah blah…diagnois: anxiety and depression.

Bam. There you are in all your glory considered in the pack of mentally ill. Stigma. Labeled. Flagged.

But Fargo, there are differing degrees. Most people diagnosed with any type of mental disorder could be suffering a temporary setback. They don’t count. If someone has a chronic problem, it can be controlled. Plus, most people who have been diagnosed or treated are non-harming to anyone. They don’t fit the psycho mold.

See this brick wall? It’s a pretty brick wall. It’s still a brick wall. My head hurts from hitting it constantly each time someone mentions GUN CONTROL.

Does. Not. Matter.

Do you think the federal government is going to go through each file with a fine tooth comb and evaluate each person who has had any type of diagnosis?

Can you also imagine the daunting task of hooking up medical records or persons flagged by medical persons into a national gun check data base?

Oy. The inaccuracies. The unfairness. The rights!

For the love of God, I cannot figure why anyone even thinks it is a good idea. What a slippery slope!

Mass shooters are nerdy, socially awkward individuals with no grit.

Mass shooters are making up for what they lack inside-guts, determination, grit, ambition, self-esteem, and love of human decency.

Have you ever noticed, they all have bad hair? They look like Napoleon Dynamite with big hollow eyes. They are skinny with gray skin.

Photo courtesy New York Daily News

Maybe they live too long in mommy’s basement with their video games.

I would bet they all lack emotional attachment to one or both of their parents. We should ask when the last time was they sat down for a family meal and had a good dinner conversation.

So here’s a common denominator: bad parenting, little structure, lacking attention, loveless.

Media depiction of law abiding gun toting citizens. Even if so, this image does not match the nerds killing people in mass shootings. Gah!

I will blame the problem on mass shooters on dysfunctional homes.

These kids are not loved and they lash out just as we see in abused households. Cognitively, they are behind in development and thought processes. Shooting masses of people is a juvenile act. They are at the adolescent level of intelligence. Yes, some of them are brilliant kids, but they are not able to make mature decisions. They have no coping skills.

Are they shouting out for attention in these acts? Absolutely. Why do you think law enforcement calls for never naming them and focusing on the victims?

We have to focus on the suspects and study them, then make adjustments to fix the broken families. Government interfere in parenting all the time, because people cannot do it.

Are we going to have to institutionalize our kids? Are schools going to be required to flag individuals and call the authorities, followed by involuntary committals? Will we expand our 381 powers? That is scary policy.

I really do not have the answers, I only recognize the source of the problems.

We suck at interference.

Our current situations leave us backtracking the events and the people. What have they discovered? Oh, yes-that the shooter was weird, posted dark things, made rape and hit lists, got expelled, was institutionalized, a loner, etc.

What happened?

Nothing! He was sent home where his parents do nothing! Yes, I said HE.

They are males. So if your logic is right, we should only enforce stricter gun control on MEN.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Even though all the signs were there, the person did not receive proper intervention. So, apparently, it appears if people are set on perpetrating evil, they will do so.

Maybe those who are deemed troubled or dangerous should just get a scarlet letter so we can recognize them in public. Yeah, that’s an idea [insert eyeroll].

Why have we become so spineless that we turn away, ignore, or shush off those who fit the active shooter profile?

Not my problem. Not in my backyard.

Well, your backyard is expanding. You now have more property to groom. Congratulations!

Statistics are way inflated.

When the media reports numbers on mass shootings or active shooters, they fail to mention what drove that number. What did they count? A domestic homicide in public does not count. A false report of an active shooting does not count. There are really very few.

We have to look at government standards, not propaganda spinning skews.

Do not underestimate the power of the press.

The media are mostly liberals. They have agendas. They sway public opinion. People believe them. They want gun control. Why? Here are just a few:

  • They don’t understand the issue.
  • They fear what they don’t know and instilling fear in others drives momentum.
  • It sounds humanitarian.
  • Guns are scary.
  • Economics. If we get rid of guns, we get rid of the high costs of these crimes.
  • Gun control is a political talking point.
  • Accidental deaths are out of control.
  • If we reduce the number of guns, suicide will go down and we will save people.
  • They believe gun control saves innocent lives.
  • They think fewer guns means less crime.
  • Many politicians want to reshape our Constitution.
  • Gun control would protect women from their abusers.
  • They believe guns are rarely used in self defense cases, and thus, the cause is overstated.
  • Law abiding citizens are giving criminals so many stashes to rob from and we are supplying the bad guys with firearms.
  • They think if there is a gun in the room, there will be violence-because people who carry elevate the danger.
  • They believe countries with gun control have less crime.

It all comes down to ignorance of the issues and lack of knowledge about firearms. I am the first person who will say not everyone should be armed, but you should have the right to.

The above talking points are not even worth addressing. If you are reading this, I am likely preaching to the choir.

When did being conservative equate evil?

Because if we are conservative, we must be exactly like Trump. And liberals hate Trump more than they hate a venereal disease.

I have never seen a more powerful president. Trump carries the blame for all the bad things in the world. All these American problems, he started, he devised. Wow!

He has surpassed Bush.

In the past, Americans usually gave credit to presidents for legit things they did like Reagan and the Iran-Contra affair, Clinton and the Crime Bill and decreasing the deficit, Obama and his disrespect for police, constricting economic policy, Bush for the reuniting America after 9/11 and the Patriot Act. All those things meant for good intentions but received backlash afterward for the negative side effects and bad policy.

But congratulations to President Trump for masterminding mass shootings, domestic terrorist groups, and dividing the country because he is a no holds bar person and kind of brassy.

Yet, citizens have a hard time self reflecting and going hands on to make positive change. They relish the keyboard warrior type of strategy.

I would wager to bet that if social media were not as prevalent as it were today, we would have different country, a different atmosphere.

I will continue with my conservative leaning moderate ways. In fact, funny enough, sometimes the mass hysteria pushes me more toward the conservative side just for the sake of survival. I wonder if many others feel this way.

There was a time Democrats and Republicans were not so far apart in ideology.

What strikes me as peculiar is those who want to abolish parties all together and just be you. Yes, they slowly would like to dissolve our republic into socialism.

Don’t let their mumbo jumbo and swift talk fool you.

In the meantime, you cannot have my guns. I will not support bad policy which has a band-aid effect on feelings but hold empty promises.

You have to do better yourself.

My guns are not your issue. My rights are not yours to take away.

4 thoughts on “Why do people ask for my opinion but really don’t want it?

  1. Liberals are weak people in genera who want to be taken care of by Uncle Sam. And gun control is a perfect example. Facts and common sense have no place in their world. All I can say is, when they come at you with all this bullshit, just shoot them.


    1. I was reading your comment and just whistling away thinking coffeypot is making such grounded sense. Then I read your last statement. Made me laugh.


  2. Hey Momma Fargo;

    Liberals figured that you being a former PoPo would agree with them because they see all these big city chiefs standing and supporting their big city mayor which happen to be democrat. They want to have someone “take care of them” so they don’t have to deal with adult responsibility and adult decisions. I also say part of the problem is that boys can’t be boys anymore, everyone wants boys to behave like girls and boys are wired differently. In today’s culture, boys are not valued but blamed for all societies ills, especially if the kid is white. That is a heck of a burden to dump on a kid.


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