Noodling in the Dark: Spy Trends

Bring in the clowns.

I bet you think I am about to undertake some Italian cuisine by candlelight. Contrary, Batman, noodling is catching snapping turtles by hand…like with your hands.

No. Thank. You.

I am all about fun and risks and dares. However, I don’t want to lose fingers, so I am all about the wussy dares and risks. Unless it involves law enforcement, then I get my balls on. I have no issues with rattlesnakes and guns and drugs and cool stuff like that. Well, as long as I have my skills and tools. Because being unarmed is really not helpful.

No, I didn’t do it. But noodling is an Indiana thing. I swear. It’s as bad as or worse than cow tipping.

So what do you think of the Overstock dude coming out that he was some sort of source or cyber guru or spy helper? It was sort of confusing trying to wrangle all that which he spoke. Next thing you know, a pizza guy is going to show up with a manifesto of how he was an asset to the government because he delivered numerous times to Strzok ( the man who needs to buy some vowels) and Page, so he can verify their evil doings both on and under the sheets.

I jest.

He could be credible. I have no idea. But these spy trends are so interesting. Even if all kinds of folks came out of the woodwork and were on acid, it would be good stuff. It’s so entertaining. What really fascinates me, is I wish I was a mouse in the room of the privileged few who these allegations affect. Why? Because just reactions are precious. I need popcorn.

Somehow this will all lead to Kevin Bacon. Get it? The 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. I bet you forgot that. Just a word of warning: my brain shorts out when it is in school. Yes, that’s almost always now.

Meanwhile, some certain Congresspersons are banned from Israel and are sniveling and crying about it. Snerk.

There are consequences to free speech. Duh.

What does the beetle say?

I learned that the genus with the most species and adaptability to survive us a bazillion gazillion years are…the…BEETLES Not the band. Yeah. It was not earth shattering news.

But I do see them like every freaking where. I smash them. Why? Natural selection, survival of the okayest or goodest. Something like that. Maybe it makes me feel powerful to smash bugs. Do you know why I do not appreciate beetles? Indiana Jones movies. They scared me to death…snakes, beetles, bugs, spiders, blah blah blah.

I think we could have something else take their place in the food chain and still have a healthy planet.

Yes, my life is reduced to archaeology. Sorry not sorry. I am actually finding a new passion or an old passion revisited. And, I find a way to mesh it into my law enforcement goodies. My students just roll their eyes, but they eat it up.

How can you like forensics and not like archaeology. You can’t. They are married. They make me smile.

In the end, I just hope I get to be legit and wear a cool hat.

9 thoughts on “Noodling in the Dark: Spy Trends

  1. I don’t know where you got the idea that noodling is with turtles, I always heard it was with catfish. That is bad enough, but sticking your hand in there trying to catch a snapping turtle is just nuts!


    1. You should look for a job at The Body Farm ion the Univ o Tenn campus. That would help in your investigations. Go right after lunch. And Beetles do great work. The can strip a corps down to bone in no time at all. The help clean the earth of rotten shit.


  2. Coffey, bugs. Yucky. Yes, I have down,some work on the body farm. I don’t remember it being called U of TN. Lol. Wait…

    JK. I am very familiar with Bill Blass in his work. It is a great place to learn and it has contributed so much knowledge to law enforcement.


  3. Hey Momma Fargo;

    I never heard about any spy stuff in the news…my bad. “Noodling” I thought was something that you do with your significant other in the evening with candlelight and soft music? again shows that I am sheltered I suppose, LOL. Beatles don’t bother me except cockroaches…in my house…that I don’t like and go all biblical on them.


    1. Haha. We must both be sheltered. You do your part amd I will do mine to eliminate cockroaches. They have survived prehistoric times. That should scare you. That by itself just means death death death. LOL


  4. Noodling is catching CATFISH, not snappers. If you get a snapper, you’re liable to be minus a finger or three… 🙂 And it’s a southern thing- Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia… LOL Re the other, Cockroaches and Beetles will fight it out in the end, after everything else living is gone… sigh


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