Hours Wasted in the Saddle

You must create dust.

Roy Rogers once said something like when you are young, you fall off a horse and may break a few things. At my age, we splatter. True words. Good thing I did not fall off.

Where did I ride? At the reservoir with friends. Hank was awesome as usual. The mare was a little anxious but she did well despite the lather she worked up. Next time I will rider her and give Hank to my daughter’s boyfriend. Poor fella. Women. They are so flighty.

It was nice to get my mind off school and take a break.

Brains can explode.

I am pretty sure brains can explode from too much schoolwork. Or my heart from stress. Put those together and it might equal stroke and heart attack. The underlying catalyst? Anxiety. I have much of it. However, I am trying to squish it all down and organize myself so I am not feeling the squeeze. So far this week, I have done much better than last week. I fear for my safety at times. I must defend myself against myself.

Just remember that when you put your ownself into a predicament over taking on too much. I knew what I was getting into. I will survive…only a year of this to go.

What do you make of things?

The news is still full of conflict that it portrays our country as this tumultuous nation. It even makes me go…eek. I think it might have been a wise Trey Gowdy who said we have to circle back to healthy discourse and stop burning people down when we don’t align with them.

Good idea. How the hell do you do that?

Literally, people are wiping social media and tip toeing around people so they don’t get attacked or sued or both. Me…I’m just in my happy place. Right? I have a force field.

As I see it.

You might recall I was ousted as a writer for a certain site, which, I might add…did not pay me my last paycheck. Boy, does it miff me, but I have done some yoga and meditated that bad taste in my mouth right out. So, right now it is a fading memory and one of those mental scars.


Because you trust these folks and then get shit on. It really sucks. And no, it isn’t worth the fight. You need to learn that too. Pick your battles. $2.50 or whatever the article made just is not worth it. It was the principle. Guess what? It was never about the money. Some months were great and some were crying material. But, it was an honor and I tried to spread good words and facts. Some humor, too.

All is well. I took a much needed break.

A new article on a new site can be found on this upcoming link. Kleenex not included. You can read it here. 

Check your pee traps.

The common sense we all have as people has gone missing.

I would suggest you check your pee traps in your homes. The plumbing surely has captured it somewhere as it was washed down the drain.

We have Beto taking our guns. AOC giving free rides for college. Liz is all about free healthcare. Kamala, AOC, and Liz want to shut down oil. Or so they did, until Saudi got hit and now they are mum. Why? Because they need gas in their cars.

Ol’ Joe is starting to sound more and more like a Republican with dementia. His policies are odd for a Democrat. But he still fits in there because he is crazy, hates conservatives, and wants to show ’em and how.

The mad professor, Bernie, seems to be losing ground which this early on is surprising. I figured he would have more momentum before he petered out. The rest are just dust in the wind.

Unfortunately for my liberal friends, I do not see any candidate yet worthy of backing. It is quite scary.

Where’s Bob?

Since May, 2019, I had feared my blog friend, Bobby G. had fallen ill or passed.  Bob posted every day and responded to each comment. He stopped after last posting he was not feeling well. He didn’t answer any of my emails.

I just knew, I could not confirm.

I never met him, although we tried to meet up for coffee a couple times, but it just didn’t work that way. He lived in a nearby city. This was the first year in 11 years I didn’t get a happy birthday email or some note to keep on trucking.

And, I won’t get holiday emails or snarky responses to my comments. He will not read another Fargo post.

It was confirmed today. I finally found his obit online.

Bobby G. is flying high and passed at the age of 66 in August which means he must have had a condition that lingered for over 60 days. Ugh. Tugs at my heart strings. Had I found the obit sooner, I would have gone to the funeral.

Lots of love and thoughts to his wife and fur babies, friends and relatives. He loved his wife, his country, and his cats.

He will be missed. May he rest in peace.

5 thoughts on “Hours Wasted in the Saddle

  1. Sorry for the loss of Bobby G. I hate to lose good bloggers. As for the stress, you need a good bar of coffee house to just sit and dink. Maybe take a friend for some chat time. NOTHING in this world is worth you health… unless you are saving a body from danger. Then you call the cops.


  2. Glad to see you got to do some riding, there is something about being on a horse that is good for your heart and soul. I had 3 of them at one time long ago. My favorite was a paint stallion, probably a good thing I don’t have him anymore, it takes longer to heal when you fall off! Sorry to hear about Bob G. Kinda makes me wonder if anyone will miss me when I’m gone.


  3. Hey Momma Fargo;

    Sorry about losing your friend, We all have lost bloggers that we have associated it for a long time. I would say that it is the travels of life and part of the journey, That is true, but we still miss them because we got used to them accompanying us on our journey. Glad to see you posting again, I tried to wish you happy birthday on fecesbook and the dang thing wouldn’t let me. I think I caught another ban. Oh well. Riding horses is a good thing, it is very relaxing and you are away from people and it allows you to decompress and regain equilibrium. Unfortunately I don’t have a horse, so I ride the iron version.


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