Law and Addiction

There are conspiracies.

Conspiracies do exist. Sure, we joke about them more often than we probably should. Maybe at our ordinary life level we will see them in nefarious acts such as low level drug rings, robberies, home invasions, small time white collar crime.

Let’s take the opioid crisis for example. Big Pharma has been getting hammered for their accountability in the problem. It affects every town. The reach is far and wide. Just recently, Ohio had several overdose deaths which hit national news. Each town and city in America is plagued with some form of opioid issue.

Mike Papantonio fights the good fight every day against these corporate distributors.

We are reminded of it in research, law enforcement efforts, addiction therapy, and restorative services. It is a quick way to turn many into empty shells looking for the next fix.

I would even be so bold to call Big Pharma a bunch of drug kingpins because that is exactly what they are and how they approached pharmaceuticals for big profits.

An author with a “sorted” past.

Mike Papantonio has a phenomenal career background. He has the guts to take on the powerful industry giants to help the little guys in the quest for what is right. Read his bio below. Be ready to be impressed.

In his books, Mike Papantonio lays out some real chills which mirror current times, using his cases as a foundation. In Law and Addiction, he does not disappoint. It reels you in from page one (1), which is a big deal for me and my book worm addiction.

Law and Addiction

But let me back up, before I dive into the pages with a little bit of mystery. After all, I cannot tell you the story, that one apple would spoil the cart.

There is a dedication in Law and Addiction which caught my eye: “To all the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers who have lived through the opioid nightmare.”

Yeah, it is real: real life.

I saw it in the street, as some friends became addicted, and learning of distant work associates and their problems. As cops, we tried to do what we could. We failed. As a friend, I tried to intervene, I failed. I watched associates go down in their careers and face criminal issues.

Last semester I participated in a research project on maternal opioid addiction as a class project. That was a gloomy venture. You can imagine every day somewhere, one person’s addiction affects many.

I don’t have any real effective solutions rolling around in my mind. I wish I did. Even after looking at research, being a cop for years, and conducting research…I’ve got nothing.

Yes, we would all like to get to the bottom of our nation’s drug problems.

The main character is fresh out of law school. Almost. Before tragedy struck.

Opioid addiction did not manifest by a chance discovery or science experiment in a bathtub.  It was much more covert than that: right in front of our eyes disguised as help in a bottle. Pills were created by big corporate greed and politics and marketed as an answer of medical S.O.S.

I am sure every person in America would like to peel the lid off the opioid roots and reveal the “puppetmasters” behind their green curtains. It is happening. Papantonio does just that and gives us an inside glimpse of legal issues, conspiracies, politics, and dangerous thrills.

And he does it though Jake Rutledge who is setting out to do just that within his familiar stomping grounds in West Virginia.

His twin brother just died from an overdose while Jake was in the midst of preparing for his law school graduation.

At home, he tries to find his ground without his brother. But things have changed. Blake is not there. People are different. Social disorganization is apparent and it seems his whole down is doped up.

As he struggles to get his foothold in establishing work and investigate what happened to Blake, things start to unfold. Jake finds he is opening a dangerous can of worms. The network and reach of corporate power is rather scary and infiltrates, unsuspectingly, at every turn.

His reputation might get damaged. Rutledge was in for a suspenseful thrill ride.

So was I.

This is nonfiction fiction.

It might technically be fiction, but I suspect it is based upon a true story.

Law and Addiction is enlightening and exposes the depth and layers of the problem. The story line is modern and grips you from the first chapter to the end.

You might wonder how pills and Big Pharma can be a thrilling read. Hah. It well delivers with carefully scripted characters that put you in the book ride beside them, every step of the way. You will get a very comprehensive picture of the opioid problem and politics in America.

I was pleasantly surprised with the entertainment and fast paced action of the true underdog going after the impossible reach.  Jake has many disadvantages. He does not go it alone.

You will want to get to know Deke as well. He is an interesting duck. He helps Jake muddle through some twists and turns.

Let Papantonio take you on an “escape” toward reality with this legalistic punch. There are times it is perplexing, gut wrenching, thrilling, and suspenseful. I recommend it for any prosecutor, teacher, nurse, law enforcement officer, moms and dads, or the average Joe. EVERYONE.

Something that really sunk in toward the finale, was when Deke externalized his inner thoughts about how America never personalized the pharmaceutical problem, even after the deaths of famous actors such as Heath Ledger. There was no face attached. Yet, when I think about it, the face of opioids- it could be any face. It could strike your friend or family member after a surgery or car accident.

It ruins lives. Opioid somehow became the drug of choice. It wasn’t like you had to go to “that part of town” to get them. Perhaps it blew up because you could walk into a medical office and walk out with the goods. Sure, later a black market approach and drug selling and trading went along with the value of certain pills. But, most often, it was “legal addiction” until it wasn’t.

Of course, they were just helping. Weren’t they?

Someone has to go down. Jake and the legal system will make sure of it. However, there are times it is difficult to navigate between the good guys and bad guys.

Jake’s was just trying to do what was right. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get him killed.

You need to pay attention.

Law and Addiction will not disappoint. You will be glad you read it. It is an eerie read, but fun and educational. Pick yours up at Amazon.  


Mike Papantonio is the author of Law and Addiction. A truth-teller, he is a crusader who uses fiction to entertain and inform his readers about some of the most pressing issues of our time. In each of his thrillers, he lays bare the conspiracies and white-collar crimes that hurt ordinary Americans — and that are rarely covered by the national media.

Mike Papantonio

A senior partner of Levin Papantonio, one of the country’s largest plaintiffs’ law firms, Papantonio uses his own cases as springboards for his novels.

He has aggressively taken on Big Pharma, tobacco, weapon manufacturer, and the automobile industry, among other bastions of corporate greed.

One of the youngest inductees into the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame, Papantonio is also a well-known media presence as host of America’s Lawyer and co-host of the syndicated radio show Ring of Fire. A skilled musician and athlete, he is based in Pensacola, Florida.

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