Cancel This!

David Chapelle stated in a Fox News bulletin ( I know…it’s mainstream media, but just hear me out) that the ‘cancel culture’ is infringing on freedom of speech. Additionally, he made me chuckle when he went on with, “The First Amendment is first for a reason. Second Amendment is just in case the First one doesn’t work out.”

I busted. It is true and it is funny.

If you liked David Chapelle, read Silverman on the same night. They were on a roll. Oh yes, it is another Fox News piece. Poke your eyes out with a stick. I like how she describes righteous pornography. It is worth the read. You can absorb or reject her viewpoints here.

WWMD? What Madea would do? Heller! You know it.

My friend and I were discussing today how vulturistic everyone is on Facebook or any social media for that matter.  People is crazy.

You would think we are in medieval times lurking in the Black Forest hiding from Sheriff Nottingham and his henchmen. Who are the good guys and bad guys anymore? I don’t know. I can’t tell.

There is no civility in discussion. It is alignment or alienation. When did it become OK to hate, really hate someone because of their partisan politics? I cannot figure out when this became an issue, but yes, it happened before Trump was elected, so don’t blame him. Don’t blame Bush. Some time between Bush and Trump things went haywire. No, I am not blaming Obama. My students notice that civil discourse is scarce. They think it is bullshit. Oh, and I encourage them to be straight up. The only way to derail this crazy train is to keep reminding people that each citizen is a human being, not an object, and not a platform, and not an idea.

Lately, I have been reverting back to old movies and new movies and new series, just to unplug from social media and the news. It is time for the Princess Bride and some Halloweeen Madea pure fun. Oh, and all the scary movies you can muster.

Why don’t white people get out of the house when the ghosties come? You know they ignore the red flags. Sometimes, you should heed the warnings and get the fuck out of the house. Just saying.



4 thoughts on “Cancel This!

  1. Hey Momma Fargo;

    I think the ill manners started during the Clinton age, it started during the 1992 elections when President Bush”Senior” was heckled by the hard core supporters of governor Bill Clinton. Then the subsequent “hillarycare” , AWB,retroactive tax increases and the endemic corruption from the Clinton’s and his various peccadillo’s started coming to light. Then the 1994 election when the Republicans energized by Newt swept into power. The subsequent impeachment hearings polarized people in the 1990’s. Then the 2000 election where the democrats tried to steal the election in heavily democratic counties in Florida and failed, but pushed the narrative that Bush was “illegal”. The rancor continued to Obama and now to Trump. The unpleasantness will get worse because civil discourse is no longer encouraged so it is ramped up every election cycle and soon it will be settled with fire. I hope I am wrong, and I want to be wrong, but the pattern tracks.


  2. Chapelle hits a home run with that rant, and the raspberry at the end is the icing on the cake. Re the rest… This crap IS coming to a head, and it’s NOT going to be pretty when it breaks. The only question is how many body bags will be needed…


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