Dirty Little Buggers

Whatssup, interwebs and cyberspace friends!

That’s what it has come down to right now. Sigh. We will make it through. Get your survivor skills on. Since I am working remotely, remotely, remotely, remotely (jobs x 4) I will be more visible now. What does that mean? That means I am holding down two jobs (one ends in May) and two degrees (as a student). I am going to be blind from the computer screen or crazy or both.

Remember my cop days?

You have now just entered those days again. It is nuts out there and I have some things to share that will hopefully take some pressure and stress away for just a few minutes.


I have some great book reviews coming and some more to read. I will share these as we all know it is a great way to educate, stimulate your brain, and escape from all the outside chaos. Stay tuned.

My life is not boring. Nope. It never was, but now more so-it is dynamic. You know I like that.

Boy, have to get some funny things off my chest. Socialism. Doesn’t work so good. Let’s look at some failures to keep that in mind-our Native American reservations. Other countries have experienced it too. With that in mind, it cracks me up that now that the government is working toward marrying capitalism with socialism, we seem all for it.

Keep in mind this is temporary and we will need to have plans once we are out of this virus window. It might be the size of a picture window and not a ship’s portal size. But, people need help. So now is the time to take care of your neighbors in any way we all can.

Think of it as the Titanic. Remember all those complacent passengers? Don’t be that. But don’t be the crazy Aunt Ethel’s who run around screaming with their heads cut off.

So my vet and I were just chatting over a rabies shot…for my dog…not myself. We talked about herd immunity and how many of us have already been exposed to the virus, but might build up antibodies and never get sick. Consequently, some of us might get a little sick, super sick, or die. That sucks. Who wants to go down with a virus, right? We all want to go out saving babies or in some heroic moment…or in our sleep at the age of 110 after running our 30th marathon and winning the age bracket. Am I right?


I am in the high risk category, so I might die from it. Who knows? But, I am not dwelling on it nor worried. I am worried about insane people or normal people resorting to desperate measures because they can’t cope.

I’m telling you…its Season 1 of The Walking Dead, folks. Stop panicking!!!!

God love you. I love you.

This is not the end of times. It is unique times. Remember your humanity. Greed is not an option. Plan ahead, stay home, and help others if you can. Whatever you do. Do not turn!!!!

What does that mean? Do not be that greedy fucking hoarder, that nasty lady in line at the store, that idiot who pushes people out of the way, that selfish asshole. If you find yourself lashing out or getting upset at others-direct it accordingly in diplomatic ways and be sure to thank those on the front line-cashiers, delivery people, first responders, doctors, truck drivers, etc.

And do your part to stay aware and educated. Protect the old and vulnerable with your voice and your power, and by parking your ass at home.

Right now, everyone should be at home smoking pot so that you calm the fuck down. Just kidding. But if it is legal in your state, ok, toke away. I hate the stuff. It is called stink weed for a reason.

Yes, I have had to use my negotiation skills at the grocery store in the last 2 days. Stay tuned. You might read about it and say, “Yep, Fargo is back.”

3 thoughts on “Dirty Little Buggers

  1. I dont think this virus is any more dangerous than the past epidemics. Common sense and cleaning your hands is good enough. But then what do I know. Well… that I know no one who has been sick. Those that did get sick, what was their job, living conditions, etc.? I think we will be alright.


  2. Hey Momma Fargo!!!!!!!!!

    Glad to see you again…Wondered if we were gonna have to put you on a milk carton with the one liner,,”Have you seen me”?. Im not overly concerned about the virus except job related, will I get laid off kind of thing…Other than that I ain’t concerned. You be careful and DON”T burn yourself out.


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