What better way to spend some quality time right now than with a good book?

“One spring day in 1994 Houston, Dr. Jim Bob Brady witnesses his neighbor’s ten-year-old son killed by a hit-and-run driver. An accident, or an act of murder? After the death, Brady enlists the help of his twenty-year-old son J. J. and his wife Mary Louise in chasing down clues that take them deeper and deeper into a Houston he never imagined existed. In the process, they discover a macabre conspiracy stretching from the ivory towers of the largest teaching hospital in Texas, to the upper reaches of Houston’s legal community, to the shores of Galveston. Doc Brady soon realizes that the old adage remains true: The love of money is the root of all evil.”

Expertise in authorship.

Dr. John Bishop’s Act of Murder is an excellent read. Based upon Bishop’s work as an orthopedic surgeon, his Doc Brady mystery brings suspense and thrills to the field.

Who doesn’t want to dive into a medical thriller?!?

Yes, I realize we are living one right now. However, it is nothing like what is going on with the current pandemic. It is a nice escape.

Doc Brady witnessed his neighbor’s son being killed in what appeared to be a tragic hit and run. But was it just that? Bishop builds his characters up with depth and details. In fact, you start with imagining the mental trauma of witnessing such a horrific event.

What have I always said? Follow the money. Right?

Moving into an investigative mode, Doc Brady goes into action only to discover a sinister plot leading all the way to the upper echelon of a well reputed hospital. I like that I can jump into shotgun role and be Brady’s silent partner. Of course, once you figure out who is behind what, you and Doc Brady have gotten yourself in a world of hurt with a target on your back.

Danger. I like it.

Act of Murder is fun, fast, and action packed. Oh yes, and lots and lots of mystery. Puzzles? You go right along with Doc Brady to the end of it.

My favorite takeaway from the novel is the realness and emotions written into it. Doc Brady’s character was captivating and helped me resonate with him, making it easy to follow as if I were there.

Bishop gives picturesque details which can only become realistic from his experiences and expertise. He has seen it and been there.

Doc Brady has great adoration for his wife which is quite refreshing and telling of how marriage should be. She brings glue and stability to the pages. Plus, she adorns it with class as a true matriarch.

There are some quirky characters as in our every day life which bring a smile, chuckle, or bewilderment throughout. Which ones? You need to read to find out.

You will not be bored. Act of Murder is not slow moving.

I liked the medical knowledge portrayed throughout which was both educational and interesting. Like I said, the author obviously knows his way around the field and gives insight to the medical profession. Things like that add authenticity.

One thing I have to question in the book, however, is one of which is a Whataburger mention where Doc Brady supposedly just had a few minutes to spare. You cannot just stop at a Whataburger and order a Coke and fries.

Does. Not. Happen.

Nope. That part I questioned. There is no way you cannot order a jalapeno burger with toasted buns on both sides with all the fixings.

So next time you take Doc Brady to Whataburger, Dr. Bishop, you have to have him try the jalapeno burger. Get the cheese. Get extra jalapenos. Get the onions. Toast the buns on both sides. Add a little ketchup and mustard. Enjoy.

If you have never been to Whataburger, then this scene will be normalcy in your burger stand experiences.

Anyway, great book. Add it to your library of reads.

Pick up your copy of Act of Murder by Dr. John Bishop on Amazon. You will really have a fascinating read that you will not put down until you are finished with the last page. Guaranteed.


About the author:

John Bishop MD practiced orthopedic surgery in Houston, Texas, for 30 years. An avid golfer and accomplished piano player, Bishop is honored to have once served as the keyboard player for the rhythm and blues band Bert Wills and the Crying Shames. The Doc Brady medical thriller series is set in the changing environment of medicine in the 1990s. Drawing on his years of experience as a practicing surgeon, Bishop entertains readers using his unique insights into the medical world with all its challenges, intricacies, and complexities, while at the same time revealing the compassion and dedication of health care professionals. Dr. Bishop and his wife, Joan, reside in the Texas Hill Country.

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