Fire and Vengeance

The island of Hawaii is probably very nice about now. Robert McCaw weaves the tropical paradise into his Detective Koa Kane mystery, Fire and Vengeance, as if I am right there. The story begins with underpinnings of family issues with Kane’s brother in prison. Kane finds out his brother has a terminal diagnosis which sparks a fight to release him early. In the midst of this, a tragedy emerges with a horrific disaster which is both unimaginable and heartbreaking.

Beware of volcanic activity and the murders which contribute to a corporate cover-up.

Fire a
Fire and Vengeance by Robert McCaw

Someone will be held accountable for the deaths of children, but it will take an unraveling of deep seeded issues and corruption.

McCaw gives you procedural accuracy as he takes you through the aftermath of an explosion scene and through Kane’s investigation. I appreciate those things in books that might seem trivial to some, but to those of us in the field, it matters.

Everyone should know and understand the complexity in solving a major case. After all, it does not happen in an hour or with the highest quality of technology and latest equipment. Most police departments are not equipped with those luxuries. Just like Kane, they have to rely on policing 101 and good old-fashioned tenacity.

If you favor true parallels to the real world, grit, action, and page turning stories with plot twists laid out in a well written mystery, then look no further. I think this is the best so far of McCaw’s Detective Kane series. It was kept me on my toes and was very suspenseful. It is almost written like an escape room with clues, puzzles, and actions with consequences or counterplays.

Most importantly, the characters are deeply explored by the author and have personal and work conflicts. They are not perfect and as you go along with them, you might feel their triumphs or get frustrated at their trials or choices.

It makes it real.

His detective hunches come out in the book which resemble the reality of an investigator’s mind who does not shut off. I can relate to that. We tend to overthink things, but those conversations in our heads are what solve cases.

Expect to move fast through this story. It will also be a refreshing change from the mainland problems, aside from politics always coming into play. Politics overlap with everything, but Kane shakes it off and digs deeper into a dangerous game of police chess. He is doing all this while trying to deal with his estranged brother’s criminal past and new terminal health issues.

You can get your copy on Amazon: Fire and Vengeance

Don’t miss out! I highly recommend it. While you are at, grab the others in the series and keep McCaw on your watch list for further episodes of Detective Koa Kane.

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You can find Robert McCaw here:

I happen to like this best from his own perspective,

“As a trial lawyer, one is mostly confined to a set of provable facts. Stray too far from the evidentiary record, and you lose credibility with the judge or jury. Not so as a novelist. If the facts don’t paint the desired picture, fiction writers are free to set the stage and write the history of characters as they see fit. It’s wonderfully liberating, but not without its challenges. Stray too far from the believable and you lose credibility with your readers. But, again, those are puzzles to be solved . . .”-Robert McCaw



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