No Truth Left To Tell

No Truth Left To Tell by Michael McAuliffe is a must read. Be prepared for this story inspired by true events to rip your soul. I truly loved it for the heartfelt turmoil of people struggling for what is right and the courtroom drama.

McAuliffe gave me one sentence which wraps up some of the American problems: “Lynwood was a past-tense town.” Profound and witty, but truthful. Have we all lived in or passed through such a place? Some things are nostalgic, while others have not installed wi-fi.

Additionally, sometimes that closed minded thinking involves hating others because of differences or their color; continuing to live in a segregated mindset. These thoughts can resonate to injustice and aggression. McAuliffe paints the picture of cruel injustice through Nettie Wynn, who was a victim of hate crimes and suffered from the violence and indifference of others.

What is this story about? The race war and hate in America, the Klan rebirth and others like them. Extremist hate groups are toxic in America and we have gone through ebb and flow of distinguishing their fire or not reacting fast enough. It seems we have two ends of the spectrum. Trouble on the homefront still remains as we battle racism even today.

No Truth Left To Tell digs into the root of evil and it is set in the not so distant past, inspired by true events.

When you read through the pages, you are placed in complex crossfires of tumultuous times and unfair treatment of others. There are many perspectives laid out through the eyes of many players in the book.

McAuliffe describes FBI agents waiting for an announcement and news “like a room full of mourners at a wake.” I know what that feels like. I could picture the moments portrayed in the book because of the author’s attention to detail and combining it with my experience in some of the settings. The courtroom action is riveting and complex.

You fight for the good fight alongside the characters while you read. There are so many barriers in that battle between hate and love. Justice is in there somewhere. But where is the change? How can we secure things for the future? Do we bring them to the forefront? They have to be tried. Can we weed them all out and make them accountable for their evil? We must for the sake of Civil Rights and what is good and just.

No Truth Left To Tell makes you question what is just and what is not while viewing the impacts through the lives of others. It will cue you to  ponder our current situation.

The characters are well introduced and gain in complexity as the suspenseful story continues. The deliberate build is important to understand the intricacies in the story. The legal story is brilliant and I found myself unable to put it down.

If you have been involved in the criminal justice system and have been party to the court system, you understand prosecutors have the power to provide only the elements which they want the jury to see. Inevitably, there is more that never makes it into the courtroom and a deeply tangled backstory to all the players and the cases.

No Truth Left To Tell is compelling and intense. You will not be disappointed. It should be on everyone’s reading list. No, in fact, take it off the list and pick it up. Do not put it down until you have reached the end. I can only emphasize the impactfulness of this story being told in a page turner.

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*********************About the Author************************

Michael McAuliffe has been a practicing lawyer for thirty years. He was a federal prosecutor serving both as a supervisory assistant US attorney in the Southern District of Florida and a trial attorney in the Criminal Section of the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice in Washington, DC.
In 2008, Michael was elected and served as the state attorney for Palm Beach County, leading an office of approximately 125 prosecutors. He was  known for leading the ethics reform movement in county that resulted in the creation of a permanent inspector general, an ethics commission, and new ethics code.
He also has been a partner at a major law firm, a global company general counsel, a senior lecturing fellow at Duke University’s School of Law, and an adjunct professor at William & Mary’s School of Law. Early in his career, Mr. McAuliffe was a Civic Education Project fellow and visiting professor of law in the Czech Republic.
Aside from the law, Mr. McAuliffe is an alpine mountaineer, having climbed and reached the summits of Aconcagua, Denali, Kilimanjaro (with his daughter), Island Peak in the Himalayas, and many other mountains.
He received his JD from the College of William & Mary’s Law School and his BBA from the Business Honors Program at the University of Texas at Austin. Michael and his wife Robin Rosenberg, a US district judge, have three children, and live in Florida and Massachusetts.

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