Act of Revenge

Doc Brady sets out to investigate a death of an insurance president which puts a cloud of suspicion over his colleague, Dr. Lou Edwards. More and more coincidences appear as Brady digs into Edward’s records, his wife, and their connections.

But how much does one really want to poke into an issue which could jeopardize yourself, your family, or your practice? So who killed Thompson, a powerful and rich CEO who was at times very off-putting? Is the Houston PD on the right track?

Dr. John Bishop takes you on an unraveling of professional secrets intertwined with mystery in the medical field. He is well-versed in the discipline as he is an orthopedic surgeon from Texas. His expertise is laid out perfectly without going overboard on overwhelming the reader with medical jargon. Bishop gives you a new glimpse into those old messages: never underestimate a woman. It might not make sense to you in this review, but as you read along with Doc Brady, you will become more aware how relevant that saying becomes.

You cannot help but like Doc Brady’s tenacious pursuit of the truth. Things are not what they appear. The more he dives into the circumstances surrounding the homicide, the more danger he generates for himself and those around him. Does he really know Edwards like he thought he did or is Lou just in an inconvenient position? Where will the evidence lead?

Brady has a knack for investigative flare and reading people. He also has an uncanny sense of humor which is placed brilliantly throughout the book. The story line, suspense, and dynamic moments keep you on edge, unable to put it down until you get to the end. The medical thriller is fresh and fast paced, giving the reader a dose of the medical profession and law enforcement processes.

An Act of Revenge will entertain you as you follow along with the characters who are carefully constructed by the author. If you love a murder mystery, you will want to pick up this Doc Brady novel. Even though it is the third book in the series, it can stand alone without reading the others. But, if you are so inclined, you might want to pick up all three on Amazon.

Get going! The story awaits you!



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