Disclosure- Now Available On Kindle

Disclosure is now available in the Kindle format for all of your tree huggers. Click here for Kindle on Amazon

I have so far sold one copy. Thank you, lone friend. 

If any of you have a desire to read the old fashioned paper type, go to the link and choose paperback. This book has been edited at least a bazillion times and still probably has some boo-boos. But, I can guarantee it is nothing like the others and does not include journal entries or convos of such. There are stories in there. There are facts. There is a lot of conclusions and advice. 

I hope you find some takeaways from it.  The Kindle format is a little wonky. The paperback is much better. However, the Kindle has color pics. Most of the artwork was completed by yours truly, my dark side. 

Have a great day! 

Stay tuned for several book reviews to come and I am sure I will find some fodder in the news to bring up. 

Oh, and I got a job. 

Yay, me!


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