Act of Deception

Dr. John Bishop has done it again in Act of Deception

This medical thriller was not at all what I expected and I was glued from the start.

You cannot help but love the relationship of Doc Brady and his wife, Mary-Louise which sets the tone for the support he has from his family. So much respect and adoration. Yet, he seems alone in this malpractice lawsuit.

Bishop wastes no time painting a clear picture of what Doc Brady is facing in his deposition. I have been through many of those, and he sets the scene very well; the intense questioning, the pressure, the conduct.

Act of Deception by Dr. John Bishop

Doc Brady is somewhat a medical sleuth and analyzes things over and over in his relentless search for the truth. The investigation winds up with him getting mugged which shifts the events a little.

However, it does not stop Brady in his quest for a resolution to the trial, suspected leaking or interference, and trickery. The paper trail and computer records evidence seems to have been manipulated or omitted, but why? What really happened to the farmer’s health, causing an amputation?

Brady’s diligence pays off as he conducts his work from his beach-side retreat. The team research and group effort to bring the case together really make for a suspenseful medical drama with courtroom mastery.

Pete Huntley is sharp and skillfully extracts some important testimony during the trial from the plaintiff’s witnesses. But it appeared there were some courtroom errors which quickly made Doc Brady look like he was on the losing side.

The best scene by far was stolen from Judge Barbara Jones during an outburst in court. What was it? You will have to read to find out, but I can guarantee you will chuckle with the little glimpse of Clint Eastwood tactics.

I highly recommend Act of Deception by Dr. John Bishop. It was entertaining, fast paced, fresh, and current. Pick it up at In fact, keep up with the series for some great thrills, lots of details, and suspense to keep your attention at every page. You will not be disappointed!~


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